Video Marketing Trends, Tips and Best Practices

The future is now, at least as far as video marketing is concerned. More and more customers are looking for video as a way to learn about and engage with your brand, so you’re only helping make it easier for them by adding video! With Google owning YouTube, any videos that you post (and optimize) will automatically help your SEO. It’s clearly a win-win proposition.

Some Stats

Curious if video marketing is really the choice for your brand? Here are just a few reasons it might be:

  • Putting a video on your landing page can result in a 65% or higher increase in organic visitors.
  • Videos help generate 1,200% higher engagement on social media channels than basic graphics.
  • CMOs are projected to increase their video marketing budgets 40% in 2017.
  • Daily views of video on Facebook have increased from 1 billion to 8 billion in the past year as views of purely text status updates have decreased.

Rule #1 of Video Marketing

As you look to create videos, remember to be authentic. While there is a place and time for slick, highly produced videos, quick Facebook Live and smartphone clips can generate just as much engagement. What you want to ensure is that your videos align with your overall marketing strategy. A video of you walking your dog could be great if you own a dog-walking service but not as much if you’re a restaurateur.

Always Engage Your Audience

As you’re considering how you’ll use video, remember that you want to tell a story, solve a problem and ask your viewers to do something. Whether you have a short, 30-second video or a long-form short film, the goal is to be engaging. Most people aren’t interested in a monotone talking head. Be active. Ask questions. Use the live option and respond to people’s comments.

Tell Viewers What to Do Next

As with any other content marketing efforts, you need to include a call to action. That might be as simple as having viewers subscribe to your network, or you may direct them to a website to purchase an item or service. Don’t capture these vital viewers and then let them get away without asking them to do something more

Look to the Future

Virtual reality is the next step in video as VR glasses are becoming more affordable. In the coming year, more and more consumers will be using VR to immerse themselves in the buying process, and your brand needs to be in that game.

If you'd like more information on how to use video to promote your business, feel free to contact us at or 480-305-2017. We offer a wide variety of video marketing services for all types of businesses.

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