The 7 Critical Components of an Amazing Lead Capture Form

Are you tired of working hard to generate traffic to your website, but don’t see any true ROI? Do you have a lead capture strategy in place, but don’t get any leads? In this article, we'll cover seven of the most common mistakes people make that are killing their lead capture conversion rates. If you follow these steps, you will become a lead conversion hero and see a significant increase in the number of leads you generate from your website.

You're Using A Weak Call To Action

Your call-to-action (known as CTA) is asking for your visitors to take a specific action while on your web page. This could be to click a link to another page of content. It could be to sign up for a service or purchase a product. You must have a clear and concise CTA to get the most from your website. And better yet, using a strong CTA will get you even better lead conversion rates. A strong CTA could mean the difference between a conversion and a bounce.

Examples of a strong CTA would be “Download Now” or “Start Your Lesson”. Examples of a weak CTA would be “Submit”, “Signup” or “Join”. Having a powerful CTA goes beyond just using the right text in your graphic buttons. You also need to be aware of which colors, sizes & shapes convert the most for your lead gen forms. A good way to do this is with A/B testing. Create a clone of your landing page or lead capture popup, but change the color and size of the button. After you have sent the same number of visitors to each of the 2 pages, compare your A/B testing results. Did the form with the larger orange button generate more leads or did your smaller blue button outperform?

When it comes to the style of your CTA button, there is no magic bullet combination. It will depend on your industry, the design of your website and your target market. One industry’s website do well with a green CTA button, while another website converts more with a blue button. They key is to test, test and test some more to see what really works.

You also need to be mindful of having too many CTA’s on your page. If a visitor arrives at your website and they are swarmed with multiple calls to action, they don't know what to do and your conversion rates suffer because of this. Pick an offer that is most important for that specific page and focus on it.

Your Landing Page is Too Cluttered

Often times your lead generation form isn't the primary problem. It's the way your page is laid out and how your offer is incorporated into that page. Most business owners and marketing professionals work hard to create the design and layout they think is ideal, only to find it doesn't work. We’ve found that the most successful designs utilize some white space throughout the page. Adding this white space improves readability and will improve the click-through rate of your CTA.

A Poorly Positioned Offer

The main goal of a landing page should be to engage with your website visitors and establish trust. Studies have shown that a visitor's highest level of interest is above the fold (the bottom edge of the browser window) when a web page loads. Placing your offer, call to action and lead generation form anywhere but above the fold of your company’s landing page, is a surefire way to struggle with lead generation.

Think about some of the websites you've visited and have decided to sign up for a free offer via a lead gen form. Where were they located on the page? Most likely they were dead center on the page with an overlay that shaded the underlying content and completely obstructed it from view. This forced you to focus entirely on the offer.  Click here for a great article on positioning your lead capture form.

Forgetting different devices

Every year it seems consumers have a larger selection of devices with different screen sizes and dimensions that they are utilizing for web surfing. Be sure to fully test your lead capture form on all available display sizes to ensure that all users, regardless of their device, will see an optimized version of your lead capture form. You may spend a lot of time focusing on how your offer and lead capture form look on a desktop display, but when you test on a mobile device, you find that your offer is showing up well below the fold. That alone could greatly diminish your lead capture numbers on mobile devices, which might make up 50% of your website traffic or more.  Click here for a great tool for testing your pages on all mobile devices.

Your Signup Form Is Too Long

When it comes to your lead gen form fields, you should take a less is more approach. If you absolutely, positively must have more fields than a name and email address, make sure you make them not required. Your focus should be on the initial lead capture.

If you make the CTA just a tiny bit too much for people to be willing to do, they'll close your offer and move on to another website. You need to make it as simple and easy as possible for someone to send you his or her information. Once you have moved them through your sales funnel, you can better determine which of your products or services would be the best fit for them.

Also consider labeling your optional fields as well as your required fields. If your form has both required and optional fields, it will help improve your conversion rates if you have the word “optional” listed inside the optional form fields. Another tip for those needing to use several input fields on their lead capture form is to break it up into steps.

Studies have shown that multi-stage forms convert higher than one long form. Part of the success of these forms comes from the fact that users have already started the process and entered their name or email address first so they feel committed to the process and continue on through the steps. Something else to consider is that studies have also shown that forms that ask for a phone number have greatly reduced conversion rates by 50% or more.

You're Not A/B Testing

Again, there is no perfect combination of design and messaging that will guarantee you a high conversion rate. In order to find the ideal recipe for your specific business, you need to test. And what should you be testing? Start with your headline. The first thing a visitor will see when they come to your website will be your headline. A strong, compelling headline could be the difference between a getting one lead or getting 100 leads. Research data confirms that approximately five times more people read your headline than read your page copy.

It's very important to understand that you should only test one major change at a time. It will be hard to determine what worked better for you if you change the colors of the page and the headline at the same time. First, complete a test of your headline and see which performs better. Then use the stronger headline in a new test where you change your CTA colors or positioning.

Your Page Content Is Not In Line With Your Offer

Unfortunately for a number of businesses, we see this mistake quite often. If the content on your landing page doesn't compliment your CTA, then your conversion rates will suffer – a lot!. You want to make your offer and CTA line up with the content on the page that the user is expecting to see.

If your landing page is a blog post about “Building Your LinkedIn Network” then your CTA offer should be something that compliments the page content of a user building their network on LinkedIn. Something like a free whitepaper on “10 Secrets Of LinkedIn Marketing Masters”. The more in line your offer is with your landing page, the higher your lead conversion rate will be.

You Forgot To Include A Privacy Policy

Adding a privacy policy is often overlooked, but it can definitely make an impact on the number leads your offer generates. Having a privacy statement or policy included with your lead capture form is essential for more than just legal reasons. It will help you become more transparent to your potential customers and build trust.

Summary On Improving Your Lead Capture Conversion Rate

Your website is your online calling card and a great resource to drive marketing ROI. However, if you’re not implementing all of the above best practices, you are letting potential customers slip though the cracks. The goal is to capture their information so that you can qualify them (at some point) and keep in touch with them in a relevant and meaningful way.

Make sure you include white space on your landing pages and around your CTA offers. Don't have too much clutter on your landing page and try to keep it as simple as possible. Keep your lead gen form short and sweet and remember to ABT, Always Be Testing! The more you test, the better your results will be and the more business you'll generate.

If you would like help optimizing your lead capture forms and sales funnels, contact us at or call to schedule a quick consultation – 480-305-2017.

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