Is Social Media Really Worth the Effort?

Since everybody is using social media, businesses are expected to join the bandwagon too. While you may be using social media for fun for your personal accounts, it must make financial sense for a company to do the same. After all, the goal is to increase your sales with your social media marketing efforts. How can you find out if it’s really worth the effort?

Measure Interactions and Customer Sentiment

The first step is to discover how people are interacting with your brand. While you can easily see how many people like your page or follow your company, you need to dig deeper to see how often they comment on or share your posts. To get a detailed report on user engagement, check out Twitter Analytics and Facebook Insights.

Track Lead Generation

Is social media marketing really worth the effort?You must understand where your leads are coming from before you can build on your results and do more of what works. For that, you should set up Google Analytics. Analytics allows you to track website traffic and helps you figure out what people are doing once they reach your site. You might even identify other referral sources, which are websites that are already linking to your site.

Analyze Sales

While you can waste many hours tracking your reach on social media, it probably makes more sense to analyze your sales instead. Do your sales increase when you spend more time on social media? If they don’t, that doesn’t mean you have to give up, but you might need to adjust your strategy a little by posting different things or just giving it some time. It’s important to collect as much data as you can about your advertising campaigns to help you figure out what works.

Tweak Post Types and Frequency

Change up social media posting frequencySocial media success cannot be guaranteed. How successful your posts will be depends on your audience and what you’re posting. For example, organic reach is harder to come by on Facebook, because of the way the news feed is set up. However, advertising on the same channel can be very effective since it’s easy to appeal to your specific demographic. You may want to switch up the types of posts you promote to find out how that affects your business. You could post a video, a tutorial, a promotional offer and a contest to find out which of them performs better for you.

If you’re already seeing results, you’re probably doing some things right. However, there is always room for improvement, and a digital marketing expert can help you dig through the data and formulate a better success strategy.

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