How to Make Facebook Your Social Media Marketing Wonderland

People spend a lot of time on social media, with at least 20 minutes a day on Facebook alone, according to Business Insider.

A lot can be accomplished in those 20 minutes -- lots of likes, shares and clicks. However, in order to gain these meaningful actions, your posts need to be engaging and entertaining.

The following are five tips on how to use Facebook to market an item, service or cause. From creating engaging, interactive content to targeted Facebook ads, here is how you can use Facebook to drive ROI for your business.

1. Solve a Problem

Facebook posts that solve a problem get people's attention. For example, a restaurant that uses Facebook to offer easy recipes for a quick Monday night meal or give tips for finding the best fruit at the market will see engagement levels increase. Add amazing photos to go along with your posts. This can be created at a site like Pablo, a tool for creating instant photos that will blow your Facebook fans away.

2. Make People Laugh

Engaging posts that make people laugh and connect emotionally with your brand get more sales. In this case, feelings of happiness would be associated with what you have to offer. In the restaurant business, associating food with happiness goes a long way. Domino's Pizza is one of the kings of comedy when it comes to their Facebook Fan Page. Consider this simple post of theirs on St. Patrick's Day - "Kiss me, I'm pizza."

3. Give Stuff Away

For those who like and follow your page, consider offering special privileges like giving away free or discounted products or services. If you own a restaurant, get people there by offering an incentive, such as a free dessert. You can give away money, a free Christmas dinner, really anything you can think of. The key is to make people want it by dressing it up in a pretty package.

4. Target Your Ads

When you want to boost a post or create a Facebook ad, be sure to correctly target your ad so you get the biggest ROI that you can. Making sure your copy appeals to specific ages, genders, locations and interests should be a part of your ad campaign. There are also many free Facebook marketing tools to help you. For example, will analyze your Facebook page and offer recommendations. offers stunning templates to create Facebook ads that will result in meaningful actions. Sites like are very useful if you are struggling with creating the ideal copy formula to get your Facebook posts and ads noticed.

5. Post Frequently

Out of sight is out of mind. To really utilize Facebook, you should be posting every day. It can help to have posts done a month in advance so you're not scrambling to think of something to write about. When you utilize a marketing firm to promote your business, they should be able to craft all of your social media messaging and post it on a regular basis. If you’re posting without the help of an agency, it’s important to know that best posting times vary according to your audience, geographical target, and other factors. However, the best times can be targeted at 12-1pm Saturday and Sunday; 3-4pm on Wednesday; and 1-4pm on Thursday and Friday.

6. Consider Facebook Messenger Ads

It is estimated that there are more than 1 billion people using Facebook Messenger, which means your business needs to consider using the messenger app as a form of customer communication. Throughout the last 12 months, Facebook has been rolling out Facebook Messenger Ads. The process works very similar to traditional Facebook advertising, but instead of sending consumers to your website via ads that are in the newsfeed, you prompt them to open a message inside of Facebook messenger. This allows you the opportunity to instantly communicate with a potential client. For specifics on how exactly Facebook Messenger Ads work, check out this great article from our friends at Digital Marketer.

Still not sure how to use Facebook as a major marketing tool for your business? Contact us at or 480-305-2017 for more information on our social marketing packages. We'd love to help your business grow.

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