2019 The State of Marketing Address

Trends to Adopt & Abandon for Ultimate Marketing Success​

The world of marketing is constantly changing, which makes it very hard for businesses to get the right plan in place to dominate and drive ROI.
In this unique presentation, Jackie Wright will review the latest trends in marketing and what companies SHOULD and SHOULD NOT be spending their marketing dollars on if ROI is the goal. 

During this presentation, you’ll learn: 
  • Useful marketing research findings from local businesses and agencies. 
  • How to create and implement a revenue generating marketing plan using the latest technology & best practices.
  • The expected marketing trends for 2019 and how to determine if they are right for your business (digital & traditional).
  • Where most companies are putting their marketing dollars… and why you should care
  • The (3) secret weapons that are guaranteed to help you drive & track marketing ROI.
  • Tips and tricks you can start utilizing today that will help make your company’s marketing program a true success.