5 Tips for Using Social Media to Drive ROI

In the last five years, social media has become a mainstay of everyday life. Over one third of the world’s population is now accessible via social media, and companies have gone from being skeptical about its effectiveness to making it a cornerstone of the annual marketing plan.

As with any marketing program, true success will depend heavily on creating a simple and sensible strategy that fits your resources and goals and using each social media channel appropriately. If mastering social media marketing is a goal for you or your company, considering the following best practices;

  1. Choose the Right Platform

Did you know there are 200+ social media platforms? While being on all of them is out of the question, you’ll find that some are a better fit for your brand than others. If your brand is B2C, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are all excellent social media channels to consider. B2B? Then you’ll want to explore LinkedIn. And if millennials or teens are your target market, consider SnapChat (Snap) and YouTube.

  1. Be Consistent

Once you’ve settled on the platforms you’ll use, be consistent with your messaging and commit to using them on a regular basis. Complete all of the information in your profiles (name, location, URL, phone number, email address) so customers can find you and can easily communicate with your brand. Work with your marketing team to create a monthly content calendar that denotes what will be talked about, via what channel and what the CTA (call to action) will be.

  1. Mind Your Message

Each social media platform has a different demographic, so you need to create unique messages for each. While tonality and overall brand messaging should be the same, work to create content that speaks specifically to the demographic you’re trying to reach and create visuals to compliment each one. Remember, social media is essentially and online water cooler conversation, so be unique, tell stories and engage.

  1. Incorporate Trends

While the tried and true is good, you want to be great! Expand your efforts with the newer components of social, such as Facebook Live, Snapchat and 360º video. Live video content is a growing trend; in fact, 43% of marketers plan to incorporate it in 2017. Above all, you want to do more than just talk to followers; you need to engage with them.

  1. Invest Time and Money

It takes concerted effort, along with a fiscal investment, to realize a return on social media. With Facebook’s’ new algorithms, posts without some dollars behind them will essentially fall on deaf ears. Create a plan to boost posts, create ads, and strategically spend a little money to get your message across. Then analyze your results. Learn what worked and what didn’t. Repeat the former and ditch the latter.

If we can assist you with your social media marketing needs, don’t hesitate to reach out! Shoot us an email at info@rmimpr.com or call - 480-305-2017. We offer a variety of social media programs for every business and budget.

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