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The Ultimate Influencer Marketing Cheat Sheet

Influencer marketing is the latest way marketing firms are working with brands to shake up the way they reach and engage target markets. It’s no longer enough to “reach” potential customers, brands want to leave behind lasting impressions — and influencer marketing is the best way businesses can do just that. Sixty-six percent of marketers have already introduced an influencer

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Essential tools for successful restaurant marketing

The 6 Essential Marketing Tools Every Restaurant Should be Using

Running a successful restaurant isn’t just about making incredible food at a good price. You also need to market your restaurant effectively if you want to attract new customers and retain the ones you already have – and a large part of that marketing is digital. Stay on top of the game by using these highly-relevant and necessary marketing tools.

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6 Marketing Mistakes That Cause Restaurants to Fail

If you own a restaurant, you’re competing in one of the toughest industries in America. You may be serving the finest food in your town, but if your marketing mix isn’t right, your business could be doomed from the very beginning. According to Sage Journals, more than 60 percent of independent restaurants fail during their first year of operation. And

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How to fix bad marketing campaigns.

Your Marketing Stinks! Here’s How to Fix It.

It may be hard to believe, but 47% of small to medium sized business owners have no idea if their marketing strategies are actually working? Even more perplexing, many businesses have no solidified marketing plan in place. If you’re a business owner or responsible for marketing in your business, here are the (3) essential components you must have to find

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Digital marketing success

5 Proven Digital Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business

You know your business needs marketing, but that doesn’t mean just trying everything you can. The biggest ad budget in the world won’t increase a bottom line without an in-depth plan that brings the customer from first exposure through to conversion. Here are five digital marketing tactics that when combined with an effective strategy, will produce an ROI worth investing

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How to create killer marketing collateral

The #1 Secret to Creating Killer Collateral

Business owners know you have to grab the attention of a reader within a few seconds. This is especially true with advertising & marketing copy. However, many business owners think this means you have to cram as many words as possible into the reader’s view. They think people will refuse to turn the page of a brochure or scroll down a webpage.

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