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GDPR – What U.S. Based Businesses Need to Know

It’s important to understand what GDPR means for your business.  The days of business and industry being a largely domestic affair are long gone! Now, the world is much smaller place thanks to technology and the internet. Which means that even if your business is based in the U.S., you need to follow certain pieces of legislation that other countries

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Social Media in 2018: How to Drive ROI in an Era of Mistrust

In light of the recent Facebook data breach and rampant fake news, more and more people are taking a break from social media – and that fact comes with some serious implications for your company. People are on social media less and they have less faith in content they see there. Ultimately this social media mistrust means that your followers

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Is Social Media Really Worth the Effort?

Since everybody is using social media, businesses are expected to join the bandwagon too. While you may be using social media for fun for your personal accounts, it must make financial sense for a company to do the same. After all, the goal is to increase your sales with your social media marketing efforts. How can you find out if

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How to measure marketing success

Best Tools to Measure Marketing ROI in 2018

In this article we’ll share the best tools to measure marketing ROI in 2018.  Before the advent of the internet, measuring the success (or failure) of your marketing campaigns was fairly simple. You calculated the money spent and measured in the rise in sales or revenue. However, tracking marketing ROI in the internet age is a whole different beast. For

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6 Ways to Slay Facebook’s New Algorithm

In the following article we’ll explain the 6 ways to slay Facebook’s new algorithm.  Facebook’s News Feed has recently gone through some major changes that will ultimately affect businesses, big and small. In a Facebook post dated January 11, 2018, Mark Zuckerberg explained that he built Facebook as a way to “help people stay connected” but “public content — posts

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Content marketing mistakes

5 SEO Tips to Help You Avoid Common Content Marketing Mistakes

Search engine optimization is an integral part of digital marketing. Content marketers must keep important facets of SEO in mind, but it can be hard to keep track of everything. Here are five tips to keep you on top of some of the most commonly overlooked facets of SEO. 1. Use Google Search Console Google Search Console is an essential

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