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The 7 Critical Components of an Amazing Lead Capture Form

Are you tired of working hard to generate traffic to your website, but don’t see any true ROI? Do you have a lead capture strategy in place, but don’t get any leads? In this article, we’ll cover seven of the most common mistakes people make that are killing their lead capture conversion rates. If you follow these steps, you will

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The 2019 Facebook Algorithm Change – Tips & Tricks for Success

Facebook’s latest algorithm update may require some business owners and marketers to adjust their social media strategy. As of January 2019, Facebook has reported that they have over 2.32 billion (yes, BILLION) active daily users. Regardless of the recent updates, Facebook still remains the top social media network and most significant social channel for marketing your business. What Exactly Did

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7 Huge Website Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

It’s no secret that your company’s website is the ultimate foray into your brand and the services you offer. It should work to tell the story of your business and how you can help potential clients and customers serve a need. However, designing a website that can drive sales and awareness can be hard. And if you don’t adhere to

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