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Super Bowl Ads 2020: The Good, The Bad and The ROI Driving Geniuses

Another year of highly anticipated Super Bowl ads have come and gone and as ROI obsessed marketers, we often find ourselves critiquing Every. Single. One. This year there are a few amazing spots that really stood out and several that have us still scratching our heads and asking, “Why would they do that?” The Good/Great Google – No one wants

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PR vs. Marketing: What Does Your Business Need Most?

One of the most frequent questions we hear from clients is, “So what’s the difference between marketing and public relations anyway?” There are important distinctions between these two services, and understanding them can help you make the right choice for your business and ultimately help you reach your company’s goals. What is Marketing? According to the American Marketing Association, marketing

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PR Measurement 2020: A Cheat Sheet for Ultimate ROI

Year after year, public relations professionals and most businesses investing in PR, often find it hard to show a solid ROI when it comes to their public relations efforts. While any good businessperson knows this skill is important, many often fail to fully develop the capabilities to track useful data and show tangible results for their efforts. The problem? PR

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recession proof your business

9 Ways To Recession Proof Your Business in 2020

As 2020 nears, there is ample discussion of whether the United States is headed toward a recession, with many signs pointing to “yes”. Though economists and industry experts are still split on the imminence of a 2020 downturn, preparing your business now can save you time, money and worry in the event a recession takes place next year. We started

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