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Sharing Your News

Sharing Your News: Is a Newswire All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

Should you be sharing your news? It’s one of the oldest marketing tactics in any communicator’s toolbox. Tune into any old movie with a frenetic newsroom and there will undoubtedly be a scene where reporters are hunched over a teleprinter, which is just as frantically pounding out letters of breaking news from around the globe. Dramatic? Yes. Effective? Yes…back then.

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8 Ways Maximize Marketing Sponsorship

8 Ways to Maximize Your Next Marketing Sponsorship

A marketing sponsorship is a unique way to help drive brand awareness and leads for just about any size business. It involves businesses sponsoring trade shows, events, charity causes, teams, or groups to increase their competitive advantage and reach certain business goals. While marketing sponsorships may be an innovative way to increase brand awareness, they are not always ideal for

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Social Media and PR Playbook: How to Stay Relevant in the Era of COVID 19

If you had asked any enterprising business leader six weeks ago how their business would be going in early May, they probably would have given you a glowing report. After all, the economy was humming along enjoying more than 10 years of substantially solid growth, while consumers and companies were liberally spending discretionary funds. Little did they know what was

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Super Bowl Ads 2020: The Good, The Bad and The ROI Driving Geniuses

Another year of highly anticipated Super Bowl ads have come and gone and as ROI obsessed marketers, we often find ourselves critiquing Every. Single. One. This year there are a few amazing spots that really stood out and several that have us still scratching our heads and asking, “Why would they do that?” The Good/Great Google – No one wants

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