Our Story

Founded in 2008, Rainmaker Integrated is a boutique marketing and public relations firm made up of industry veterans dedicated to helping your brand get – and stay – noticed. From public relations campaigns to new website designs and everything in between, our group of experts work with you to determine what marketing solutions will provide long-term growth for your business without breaking the bank. 

Our Story

Founded in 2008, Rainmaker Integrated is a boutique marketing and public relations firm made up of industry veterans dedicated to helping your brand get – and stay – noticed. From public relations campaigns to new website designs and everything in between, our group of experts work with you to determine what marketing solutions will provide long-term growth for your business without breaking the bank. 2

Our Promise To You

Provide a personalized level of customer service unlike any other
Create strategies that drive awareness, leads, and sales
Only recommend the services that are necessary for success
Do great work at an affordable price
Show results
Be innovative and nimble

Our Focus = Your Success


We'll build a custom strategy to produce the highest ROI for your business, market and industry.


We'll incorporate the necessary tools to help you identify and track all of your marketing campaign KPI's.


We strive to achieve the lowest cost per customer, getting you the most for your marketing budget.

Meet The Rainmaker Team


President & Chief Strategist
With more than 20 years of experience in communications, Jackie oversees all aspects of marketing, public relations and advertising for Rainmaker clients. Her industry experience includes work with several local agencies and major corporations, including General Motors, Grant Thornton, Macy’s Department Stores, Best Western International Hotels.

Jackie is a member of the Phoenix chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) and the American Marketing Association (AMA) and is the 2015/2016 past president of the Arizona Interactive Marketing Association (AZIMA). A Midwest native, Jackie holds a BA in Communications from Kent State University. She currently lives in Gilbert, Arizona with her husband, son and spunky dog, Max.


Senior Digital Marketing Consultant
Kris is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things related to digital marketing and website design. A military veteran who served in the U.S Navy, Kris has more than 20 years of tech industry experience. 

Kris has worked with Fortune 500 companies in the Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Retail and Industrial sectors.  He now specializes in building successful digital marketing campaigns utilizing SEO, PPC and video advertising which produce consistent, positive ROI for our clients.


Senior Marketing Consultant
Gretchen is relentless when it comes to creating unique strategies, acquiring and applying data and providing results. A consummate professional, Gretchen thrives on leveraging the latest in digital marketing strategies to drive ROI for all of our clients. Her career spans more than eighteen years in the marketing industry, beginning her career within the hospitality sector.

She then went on to work as a graphic designer specializing in web design and branding for SMBs and funded startups. She has helped several key clients almost double revenue within the first year of launching their new website and many of her startup projects have been sold at a significant profit.


Senior Marketing Research Consultant
The founder of Nucleus Marketing Lab, Steve lives by the simple creed that perception precedes persuasion. He has experience in marketing from various viewpoints, including at an advertising agency, as a client and as an academic. Steve and his team provide marketing intelligence and consumer-research services in product development to shape the customer experience, brand position, competitive intelligence and concept testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long has Rainmaker been in business?

A: We feel your pain! Due to the development of thousands of marketing platforms over the last ten years, just about anyone with a computer can claim to be a marketing and/or public relations pro. We understand your resources are precious and we work to treat your business like it was our own.

First and foremost, we work with you to ensure that your business is truly ready to partner with an agency. If you don’t have the foundation in place to ensure marketing success, we’ll help you develop the tools to get there.

Our skilled team of marketing and PR veterans will use their vast knowledge of industry best practices to craft the right mix of digital and traditional strategies and tactics to help your business grow. If you’re looking for great results, you need to be talking with people that LIVE, BREATHE & SLEEP all things marketing.

If it’s outside our lane, our commitment to you is that we will refer you to someone else. That’s good for you, and in the long-term, it’s good for us too.

Q: We’ve worked with agencies before and didn’t get the results we wanted.
How do we know you’re different?

A: Believe it or not, hiring an agency is NOT always the best solution to growing your business. If you have a basic business plan in place and a true desire to grow, outsourcing your marketing and/or public relations needs can be a great opportunity.

However, if you’re not sure what services/products you want to offer, not sure how an agency can help, or don’t have the bandwidth to manage an agency, it’s probably best to fine-tune everything before investing in an agency partnership.

Q: If I’m looking at other agencies, what do I need to know about Rainmaker to help me decide which marketing partner I should hire?

A: There are three key differentiators that set Rainmaker apart from our competitors:

  1. We’re 100% obsessed with driving ROI for your business. From the beginning, we work with you to decipher what results are important and then help you implement the tools to track those results.
  2. All of our team members have a minimum of 10 years of experience. That means your account will only be managed by expert-level marketing professionals that know what they are doing. 
  3. We strive to keep our overhead VERY low, which means that our fees are about 35% – 50% less than that of larger agencies.

To learn more about how to find the ideal agency for your business, check out our ultimate guide to hiring a PR/Marketing firm

Q: How much will it cost to work with Rainmaker?

This is a question we get asked a lot, and the ultimate answer is that it really depends on your overall goals, objectives and industry. If you want a marketing plan that will drive real ROI, you should plan on allocating at least 15-25% of your overall operating budget to marketing costs. More information about our pricing structure can be found on our Services Page

Q: How long will it be before I see results?

A: As your marketing partner, our number one goal is to start driving results for your business from day one. We’ll work with you to determine what results are the most important and make recommendations on how to track those results. Depending on which service offerings you choose, most of our clients start seeing tangible results within 30 – 60 days after campaign launch.

Q: Who will be managing my account?

A: All of our accounts are expertly managed by our experienced team of marketing and public relations professionals. Your account will be led by Rainmaker president, Jackie Wright and worked on by the consultants we feel have the best qualifications to meet your goals.

Q: What’s it like to work with Rainmaker Integrated?

A: Rainmaker is not the typical marketing agency where we throw big parties or spend our work days hanging out or playing arcade games. We value creativity and enjoy our work, but we value your bottom line even more. We believe that by working hard and smart… good things happen!

We specialize in developing revenue-generating marketing and PR plans that will help your business grow and get noticed. We’re honest, transparent, and will ONLY recommend tactics that will help you meet your goals. We’re committed to your success and in earning a place as a trusted long-term partner.

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