5 Actionable Tips for Content Marketing Success

It’s no secret that your company won’t get far in today’s digital world without a true investment in content marketing. Unfortunately, it seems that brands have stopped putting as much emphasis on the importance of content, and content marketing has taken a backseat. It’s time for you to turn the tables on content marketing and bring it back to the forefront!

We all know that content is key to engaging and converting leads. Use a mix of both short and long-form content, depending on what you’re trying to accomplish. Google is looking more at what your content shares than just having those oh-so-valuable keywords, so splurge on information that will be to your target demographics. In order to drive a true ROI, consider the following best practices when rolling out your content marketing plan;

  1. Consider Multiple Content Sources

The types of content you should consider, in addition to your company’s website, may include white papers, memes, infographics, illustrations, videos, webinars, podcasts, blogs, newsletters, eBooks or checklists. All of these items are considered user-generated content. For more in-depth content like a white paper or ebook, consider creating unique landing pages that will act as a lead generating resource. Require prospects to give you their contact information in exchange for the useful content you are providing.

  1. Become a Resource

As Jay Baer advocates in his book Youtilitybecome a resource for your customers by providing comprehensive and useful information that works to inform, not sell. In your blogs, landing pages, newsletter and FAQs, answer customers’ top-ten most-asked questions during the sales process. Provide local or industry support, such as a calendar of local events or publications that might be beneficial for your customers.

  1. Optimize All Blog Posts

Be sure that your blogs are optimized by using Yoast on your WordPress blog. Even if you don't have a WordPress site, every hosting platform should give you the option to optimize the all relevant key words and images within a blog post. Work to include internal and external links, videos and images to really make your blogs or content engaging, entertaining and educational. And repurpose blogs (or other content) through multiple platforms, like social media platforms and your company's Enewsletter. You could even compile multiple blogs on a similar topic into an ebook.

  1. Stay Ahead of the Game

Go above and beyond the ordinary with these in-the-know hints. First, you can create customer loyalty through special offers available exclusively through your newsletters or social media feed. Another expert-level tactic is to build relationships with influencers that can help promote your content or product (think Kim Kardashian tweeting about the latest fashion craze). Influencer marketing was big in 2016 and will only get bigger in 2017. The same is true of visuals and video, which can be used on all platforms. They key is to know the trends and strategically utilize them to benefit your overall marketing plan.

Some tools to make content marketing easier include HootSuite  for scheduling social media posts, Canva for creating branded images, and Cyfe for monitoring and measuring all of your digital marketing efforts.

  1. Ask for the Sale

Again, always remember your calls to action. If you want a potential client to buy something, ask for it. If you want them to give you their contact information, ask for it. Whether you’re communicating via social media, a newsletter, a white paper or through video, give customers something to do next. Don’t be afraid to ask for the sale and guide them to a specific call to action.

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