3 Marketing Tools You Will Fall In Love With

In today’s fast paced world of marketing technology and tools, it’s hard to keep up with what works and what doesn’t. The harsh reality is that there is no magic bullet that will make up for bad strategy, but we’ve come across three unique tools that have completely transformed our business and made our jobs as marketing and PR professionals a whole lot easier!

Productivity – Say Hello to Calendly

It’s rare that any type of app or online platform can completely change the way you do business and save you time and money in the process. However, Calendly, the amazing online scheduling tool, has the ability to do just that! Calendly is so amazing that we estimate it has saved our agency team members at least 360 billable hours in 2018 alone. OMG – that’s a whole lot of money. Say good-bye to the constant emails back and forth trying to figure out when a prospect, client or team member is available to meet. Just sync Calendly with your current calendar system, like Outlook or Google Calendars, and you’ll be able to share your availability without giving someone detailed access to your calendar. Once your Calendly account is set up, anyone that has the link can book a meeting with you based on when YOU are free! Seriously… we cannot say enough good things about this productivity tool!

Books – The Conversion Code

There are about 100 marketing books that come out every week – and most of them are mediocre, at best. We know this because we read a lot of them. However, the best seller, The Conversion Code by Chris Smith, is one book that you need to order right now if you want to drive any kind of ROI with your Digital Marketing efforts. Very detailed chapters on topics like “How to write the perfect blog post” or “Advanced Facebook Marketing and Advertising Techniques that generate ready to buy leads” are just some of the nuggets of marketing gold you will find in this book. And if that’s not enough to get you hot and bothered, the author is the former digital marketing mastermind behind Quicken Loans – One of the biggest mortgage companies in the world. Enough said.

Social Media Management – Two Thumbs up for Sprout Social

When it comes to managing all of your social media platforms, businesses and marketing pros have a gazillion options to choose from. We know, we’ve tried most of them. But, very few can manage all your social platforms from your desktop (Instagram, anyone?) do competitive analysis, and kick some butt and take some names when it comes to metrics reporting. Sprout Social also has some amazing tools that help you curate content for a variety of different industries AND allows you to visually see what your posts will look like before they go live. The social media management platform also provides a variety of different approval options (ideal if other team members need to see the content before it goes out to the masses) and customer service options that are all very responsive. It is on the pricier side as compared to other tools, especially if you have multiple users. *HACK - ask for discounted pricing options if you're an agency or run multiple accounts. But, if you want to bring your “A Game” when it comes to social media marketing, Sprout Social will get you to the finish line much quicker - ultimately saving time and money.

*Side note – we were not paid by any of the above brands to promote their products. These are all resources that our agency team members use, and love, on a regular basis.

Are You Feeling the Love?

If you’re not madly in love with your current marketing results or have some unique tools that you think we should consider, send us a note at info@rmimpr.com We love hearing from all of our buzz board readers.

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