Email Marketing Done Right - What Every Business Needs to Know

Published on
March 14, 2017

As digital marketing strategies expand, most companies have some kind of email marketing program in place. However, many aren’t capitalizing on the essential trends and best practices that work to truly drive any type of ROI. If your brand is struggling to see a decent return from email marketing strategies, consider the following:

Get Back to Basics

Some basics to remember with email marketing include using a strong subject line, testing (and testing some more) with A/B tests and providing an opportunity to easily opt out. Most important is looking at your metrics. Most email-marketing platforms provide some excellent metrics on open rates and click-through rates to help you keep improving your message.

Segment Your Lists

If you already use email marketing, are you doing a one-size-fits-all mailing? That’s how many companies roll, but they may actually be hurting themselves a bit. What if you send a “buy this product” mail to someone who just did? They’ll feel a little cheated, right? Instead of facing that challenge, create lists, perhaps one for customers and one for prospects. Then you can communicate with them correctly.

Make It Mobile

Keep in mind that the majority of your readers are accessing their email on the go, whether on a phone or tablet, so your newsletters must be mobile friendly. They also expect a higher level of personalization based on their interactions with your company. When the message speaks to them, they will be more interested in opening and reading it.

Little-known Hacks

Some tactics to enhance your email marketing include:

  • Resend your email to those who didn’t open it. Do this five days after the initial launch with a new and different subject line.
  • Launch a “we’ve missed you” campaign to those who haven’t been opening your emails, and include a special offer.
  • Make it easy for readers to reach you by including your contact information and social media links, as well as a button for forwarding the email!

Upcoming Trends

Some of the coming trends in email marketing include keeping copy short and sending readers to your website with a strong call to action. Use those videos you’ve made in your newsletters as well; readers are much more likely to click on them, even on their mobile devices. Offer some tips and tricks—insider information—in addition to exclusive offers reserved just for your email database. And be wary of including too many graphics since some email servers don’t open them automatically. That could result in your readers seeing nothing when they look at your message.

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